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Marcus Peters allowed just 19 of the Broncos 368 passing yards

Did Marcus Peters play last night against the Broncos? That may sound like an insult but for a cornerback it can be a good thing. Peters was barely heard from all night because the Broncos didn’t look his way very often. I was waiting for Trevor Siemian to make a fourth quarter mistake in Peters direction but he never did.

The Broncos, however, threw the ball well. Siemien somehow threw for 368 yards on the day. For his part, Peters gave up just 19 of those 368 yards.

See, this is interesting. It’s good that quarterbacks are recognizing how good he is and avoiding his direction. However, Peters’ thing is turnovers. He can’t get turnovers if they ignore him completely.

It’s a good problem to have for the Chiefs. They’ll take 19 of 368 all day.

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