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Chiefs-Broncos final score: “You gotta be kidding me” as KC gets improbable victory, 30-27

What did I just witness? The Kansas City Chiefs came back from down 24-16 in the fourth quarter to beat the Broncos, 30-27. This game went to overtime and it was just ... unbelievable. I can’t believe the Chiefs won.

Excuse me if this recap sounds like it was written for a losing team. I thought they were going to lose!

Final stats are here.

Tyreek the freak

Three touchdowns...

Punt return touchdown that went 86 yards.

Rushing touchdown that got past Von Miller for the score.

Receiving touchdown in the final second to send the game to overtime.

The first player to have a punt return, rushing and receiving touchdown since Gale Sayers in 1965.

Phillip Gaines was nearly the goat

He gave up two huge touchdowns in the fourth quarter. The first was a 64-yard pass to Emmanuel Sanders followed by a 35-yard touchdown against him two plays later. That gave the Broncos the lead. Then in the fourth quarter Gaines somehow got lost in coverage and allowed a 76-yard touchdown pass.

To be fair, he made up for it with a pass breakup in overtime.

The Chiefs offense was bad ....

Alex Smith was bad for three-plus quarters. Let’s put that up front. So was everyone else. The Chiefs couldn’t do a thing against the Broncos. I mean, this was Herm Edwards era bad offense. It looked like Tyler Palko out there. OK, maybe a little better than that but only a little.

I can understand on one hand the Chiefs game plan on offense - don’t screw it up. The defense was playing well and they just wanted to hang on. On the other hand, they were really, really bad on offense. They showed no signs of life until the final drive where they went down and tied it and then they kept it going on their overtime drive. What a weird offense.

Justin Houston dominated

This should be the story line. He had three sacks and a safety. He was beating Broncos RT Ty Sambrailo so bad that Cris Collinsworth accurately predicted he would get benched. Benched for ... former Chief Donald Stephenson! Houston beat him, too. He looked terrific against the run too with a number of plays in the Broncos backfield.

I’ll admit, I didn’t see this coming. I thought Houston would take a few weeks to work his way back but he looks 100 percent right now.

Also back is the lack of penalties called against him.

Eric Berry had a big day

This game was notable for the huge hits and Berry was the one delivering the biggest of them all. He did get flagged once for a helmet to helmet hit but he was a force all throughout the game. I’m not sure what it was but every Berry hit looked like it was delivered with a little extra oomph.

Travis Kelce vs. Von Miller

Kelce had two early drops (and another in the fourth he should’ve caught) that hurt the Chiefs. He was still basically the only receiving threat out there with the state of this offense.

He and Miller did have an exchange — I saw Kelce helping Miller up after a play.

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