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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce says he belongs in the elite category of tight ends

NBC is having an interview with KC Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce before tonight’s game and they sent out a little preview of it to some media folks before it airs on Football Night in America.

Bob Costas asked Kelce if he’s in that elite category of tight ends. Can you guess Kelce’s answer...

Bob Costas: “If we throw these names into the elite category: Rob Gronkowski, Jason Witten, Jimmy Graham, Jordan Reed – how close do you think you are to that category?”

Travis Kelce: “I’m in that category.”

Costas: “In it?”

Kelce: “In that category. Just because stats are a little different — there might be more stats over there than there are in Kansas City — that shouldn’t take away from the talent level that I’ve been able to put out on the field.”

There’s some truth to that. Kelce won’t fully maximize his numbers in this offense. The big thing that stands out to me when you compare Kelce and Gronk is the touchdowns. Gronk had 23 touchdowns in the regular season from 2014-15. Kelce had 10. That’s the big difference between them.

One way for Kelce to reinforce his belonging on that list is to have a big game on a big stage. Anyone know if the Chiefs are playing in any big games any time soon?

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