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NFL picks: Chiefs-Broncos predictions are split

The Arrowhead Pride staff picks for the Chiefs-Broncos game on Sunday Night Football...

Chiefs 20 Broncos 23

The Chiefs aren’t good against great defenses, their offense is out of sync right now and primetime excites / scares me given their history under the lights. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 17 Broncos 13

I still believe in this defense despite some issues against Tampa Bay. Justin Houston looked a LOT more ready to go than I expected, which is a great sign for how he will do down the stretch. A great deal hinges on Marcus Peters and his football-magnet hands coming back healthy, and the offense has got to figure out a way to be at least semi-competent against a tough defense. Last season, the offense looked similarly putrid and Andy Reid made the necessary adjustments to get it to an "average" level. I expect to see something similar this year. If not, well... there could be trouble. -MNchiefsfan

Chiefs 7 Broncos 14

I think the Chiefs have a single win against the Broncos in them this year based upon consistency and health. That will come at Arrowhead later this year, which means the Broncos end up winning one at home. -Matt Conner

Chiefs 13 Broncos 20

The last time the Chiefs faced a defense this good was in Houston, and we know how that turned out. Considering Denver's defense is even better, and now healthier with Derek Wolfe and Aqib Talib likely returning, Sunday night is going to be rough. The Chiefs relative lack of a running game recently (they haven't sniffed 100 yards in awhile) will probably mean another high-pressure evening for Alex Smith. The Chiefs will be lucky to score a single touchdown. -Clay Wendler

Chiefs 17 Broncos 13

This is a tough one. I expect the Chiefs to play better than they have in the last few weeks. I think Houston will make an impact this week, along with Peters, now that both are healthy. KC should be able to run the ball, Hill and Kelce are both trending in the right direction. This game will come down to how well Alex Smith and the Chiefs OL can handle the Denver pass rush. If they can be average in the passing game, and play with a lead, they should win. If not, it could be another ugly prime time nightmare. I choose to be optimistic. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. -stagdsp

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