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Chiefs OC talks about what makes the Broncos defense so tough

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for arguably the best defense they will face this year. To make it harder, this one is on the road too.

The Chiefs-Broncos game should be a game of defense. That’s the story line that jumps out at you when talking about this game - these teams are mirror images of each other.

The Chiefs defense thrives off of turnovers and their depth. The Broncos are stronger in some areas like cornerback. Chiefs OC Brad Childress said recently it’s a combination of the pass rush (hi, Von Miller) and the coverage.

“It starts with the rush because they make you get the ball out of your hand fast,” Childress said this week via quotes from the Chiefs. “I heard somebody just ask a question about how fast can we get the ball out of our hand, that’s where it serves us well. Obviously, your decision making is sped up when you’re throwing a football with two premium rushers off the edge. They do a decent job of pushing in the middle and then for the times that maybe they don’t get there as fast as they want, they’ve got a good coverage element in the backend.

“I think you’ll see Talib back this week, I think Derek Wolfe is back inside with that inside push there. There nickel guy is very good. Obviously both corners are good, T.J. Ward we had in Cleveland when I was there. He’s a big thumper. Rush and coverage, you don’t have to cover that long if you can get there with the rush.”

The Broncos have given up more than 23 points just once this season (the Chiefs have done that twice). It sure looks like this is a race to 24 points. I like the Chiefs chances if they can put up 24 (and no my confidence level is not high they can do that).

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