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Chiefs have won seven straight against the AFC West

I almost forgot that the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t lost an AFC West team since that awful, horrible, miserable last second loss to the Broncos last year in Week 2. Has it really been that long? Yep, seven straight wins against AFC West teams and nine of 10.

The Chiefs lost that Broncos game in Week 2 last year and then went on to win five straight against the AFC West to end the year.

The Chiefs started this season with that comeback win against the Chargers to make it six in a row and then they laid the hammer down on the Raiders in Oakland to make it seven.

Now, it’s Denver. The Chiefs finally won in Denver last year when they benched Peyton Manning. They did that with the help of a bunch of turnovers, which they’ll need again if they expect to beat the Broncos by 16 points again.

These games are always big but they are MASSIVE this year because of tiebreakers. This division is going to come down to tiebreakers, either for the division title or for playoff seeding. Besides head to head the division record is the most important one to watch. The Chiefs have two more against Denver and one more against Oakland.

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