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NFL odds Week 12: Chiefs-Broncos looks like a close one

The oddsmakers expect the KC Chiefs and Denver Broncos game on Sunday night to be a close one. The current odds for the Chiefs-Broncos game has Denver as a 3-point favorite over Kansas City.

Vegas likes the Chiefs so they haven’t been ‘dogs very often this season but they are in this stretch. They were ‘dogs two weeks ago in Carolina and they will be this week in Denver (and likely Atlanta the next week too).

The Chiefs and Broncos are pretty similar teams. Strong defense with an offense that is there ... and does stuff ... sometimes. I expect this one to be close.

There’s also the primetime factor. The Chiefs are not good in primetime under Andy Reid. They have never won on Sunday Night Football since NBC got it in 2006. The Broncos, on the other hand, are good in primetime. I saw Mile High Report say they were excited this was moved to primetime because the Broncos shine under the lights.

The Chiefs have to break their Sunday Night Football streak at some point. No better time than this Sunday.

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