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NFL playoff picture: Raiders beat Texans, jump to No. 1 spot in AFC

The 2016 NFL playoff picture continues to take shape with a big update from Monday Night Football. The Oakland Raiders beat the Houston Texans which catapults Oakland to the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoff picture.

There’s plenty to be determined here. A Raiders loss next weekend against the Panthers and a Chiefs win over the Broncos and the Chiefs are back on top of the AFC West.

Tiebreakers will be huge this year. The Chiefs most important remaining games will be the division games. It’s not a bold prediction to say this division will come down to tiebreakers someplace.

  1. Raiders (8-2)
  2. Patriots (8-2)
  3. Texans (6-4)
  4. Ravens (5-5)
  5. Chiefs (7-3)
  6. Broncos (7-3)

Chiefs remaining schedule

at Broncos, at Falcons, Raiders, Titans, Broncos, at Chargers

The next two games will tell us a lot about this team. The Chiefs have a nice ending to their schedule. They play three division games which will be tough but the two hardest ones are at home.

Raiders remaining schedule

Panthers, Bills, at Chiefs, at Chargers, Colts, at Broncos

Things get real for the Raiders here. The Panthers, Bills, Chargers and even the Colts are not cakewalks. They already know the Chiefs and Broncos aren’t either. There’s a LOT to be determined here.

Broncos remaining schedule

Chiefs, at Jaguars, at Titans, Patriots, at Chiefs, Raiders

The Broncos can get to nine wins by beating the Jaguars and Titans. How many more can they get out of two against the Chiefs and then New England and Oakland?

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