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NFL playoff picture: Chiefs fall behind Oakland with Raiders set to play Monday night

The Kansas City Chiefs dropped from the No. 2 seed in the AFC to the No. 5 seed with Sunday’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Chiefs are among three AFC West teams in the NFL playoff picture. The Raiders play the Texans on Monday Night Football this week so we’ll know more after they play. A loss would obviously be huge for KC.

The Chiefs were tied with the Raiders for the AFC West lead until their loss. Now they’re a half game behind Oakland and tied with the Broncos at 7-3. The Chiefs hold the tiebreaker over the Broncos at the moment but they play this weekend. That’s turning out to be a huge game.

If the playoffs started today, the Chiefs would play the Ravens in Baltimore, the Broncos would visit the Texans and the Patriots and Raiders would have first round byes.

Of course, the playoffs do not start today. The Raiders need to get past the Texans tonight.

AFC playoff picture

  1. Patriots (8-2)
  2. Raiders (7-2)
  3. Texans (6-3)
  4. Ravens (5-5)
  5. Chiefs (7-3)
  6. Broncos (7-3)
  7. Dolphins (6-4)
  8. Steelers (5-5)
  9. Colts (5-5)
  10. Bills (5-5)

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