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Justin Houston says it felt good to be back, Chiefs didn’t get to Jameis Winston enough

Justin Houston played 55 of the Chiefs 77 defensive snaps in Sunday’s loss to the Bucs. It’s way, way more than I thought they were going to give him. I think I even said on 610 Sports earlier this week that “There’s no way they’re gonna go out and give him 50 snaps.” And then he plays 55. Dee Ford was hurt so that likely led to more playing time for Houston than perhaps they initially planned.

“It felt good,” Houston said of being back. “It would have felt better if we could have pulled out a victory. The game speed was not a problem for me at all.”

It was a good first game back in that he played a lot of snaps and didn’t suffer any setbacks. His conditioning, which he admitted was not where he wants it to be yet, will come. It was not good because Jameis Winston simply had too much time. The Chiefs pass rush was not a factor. It was driving me crazy watching Winston step up in the pocket and convert those third downs. The Chiefs just couldn’t finish.

“We didn’t do a good job rushing the quarterback,” Houston said. “He had plenty of time in the pocket. We didn’t get in the pocket at all, no penetration. We have to do better.”

Houston played on the left side, which is his normal side. He said it was understood that he would play on the left side and Dee Ford would move to the right side. Ford, before his injury, wasn’t making a huge impact either. I can understand that to a degree since he switched sides.

Now we sit back and wait to hear more about Dee Ford’s injury. That might affect Houston’s role in this next game in Denver.

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