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Chiefs’ Mitch Schwartz nails it on why this Bucs loss hurts

Chiefs RT Mitch Schwartz personally played well against the Bucs but the Chiefs offense did not. Schwartz said that over the past few weeks it feels like the offense is not pulling their weight.

“I think the last few weeks, it feels like the offense hasn’t, really, done it’s part in terms of putting up the points that we need to and being able to get our defense in good situations and letting those guys rush. We need figure out why that is and work on it this week and get better.”

There were plenty of problems in this game. The Chiefs offense just wasn’t on the field enough against the Bucs. The Bucs held the ball for 11 more minutes than the Chiefs. The red zone woes the past few weeks are one of the biggest culprits too. Also, what happened to the Chiefs running game? They haven’t hit the century mark in a month. This team isn’t built to win like that.

Schwartz really nailed it on why this one hurts. This pretty much sums up my thoughts as well:

“It is just one game,” Schwartz continued. “We have to figure out what went wrong and move forward. It is an aberration, hopefully. It is not the type of thing a really top tier team would let happen to them. That is the unfortunate thing. If you want to take the next step, these are the games that you should be winning. So, it’s unfortunate from that perspective.”

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