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Alex Smith says his interception was the difference-maker, and he’s right

There’s no shortage of KC Chiefs taking responsibility for the end zone interception, which was the biggest play in the Chiefs 19-17 loss to the Bucs.

Andy Reid opened his press conference and before anyone could even ask a question he took blame for Alex Smith’s interception.

“So, I’ll take responsibility – I called that play in the end zone there on that throw,” Reid said. “So, that’s my responsibility. It wasn’t there, and it wasn’t a very good call at all.”

He said that after watching tape they noticed the Buc who intercepted it - Chris Conte - had been biting on that play. He didn’t bite on that play. He was right there for the easy pick. Reid said that Alex didn’t even have the ability to change that play, which sounds like something he would say if he were trying to protect his quarterback.

Meanwhile, Alex Smith took blame for the play as well. He said that he was trying to sell the playaction fake hard and then come up firing.

“I lost vision of the safety down there,” Alex said. “I’ve got to see it. It’s hard, it’s a bang-bang play. Obviously, it was probably the difference-maker today in the game.”

Indeed it was the difference-maker. Reid can take the credit but Alex Smith is the one throwing the ball. I’ll take Alex at his word - he has to see that.

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