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The Chiefs red zone offense cost them against the Bucs

The Kansas City Chiefs have a lot of problems on offense that we’ll talk about as the week goes on. The one that stands out the most to me right now - besides Alex Smith - is their red zone offense. It is not good and hasn’t been for a while.

The culprit here is often Andy Reid and his play calling. The Chiefs got inside the 10-yard line on their opening drive against the Bucs. Then they ran a sweep to Travis Kelce (yes, the tight end), a drop by Kelce and a short pass to Chris Conley. Field goal. The Chiefs had all the momentum and were killing the Bucs on first and second down. In fact, they didn’t even have a third down until the final play. This cost the Chiefs four points.

The other one that stands out is a rare one - Alex Smith throwing a goal line interception. He hadn’t done that in almost three years. He has made that same pass and same route before. The Bucs just sat back on it and made the pick and returned it 55 yards.

Those two plays stand out as ones that changed the game. How can the Chiefs fix the red zone offense?

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