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The Chiefs “forced” this turnover on Jameis Winston

The Kansas City Chiefs lead the NFL 22 turnovers. Now they have 23.

The Chiefs had their own woes in the red zone with a weird Travis Kelce sweep but the defense got things going in a better way. The Chiefs defense “forced” this turnover on Jameis Winston and the Bucs.

Watch this GIF (via Deadspin) and you’ll see what I mean by “forced”.

The Chiefs didn’t do anything here other than recover the weird fumble from Jameis. I’m not sure what he was doing the ball slips right out and the Chiefs are there to recover. Jameis got up out of the scrum with the football and tried to claim it was their ball but it was a clear recovery for the Chiefs.

You can call this a forced turnover if you want but either way the Chiefs will take it.

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