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NFL picks Week 11: Chiefs over Bucs, says (almost) everyone

Predictions for today’s Bucs-Chiefs game from the Arrowhead Pride staff...

Bucs 16 Chiefs 30

I’d like to see Chris Jones get into the end zone this week. Yeah, defensive tackle Chris Jones. That’s the type of thing you can say about this team because all they do is win. -Joel Thorman

Bucs 17 Chiefs 27

I just can't see a loss at home against a team like the Bucs, that has some talent but is prone to mistakes. This Chiefs team absolutely feasts on mistakes, even on days when the offense is playing horrible (see: Carolina game). I have no idea what to expect from Justin Houston's return, but I think it's reasonable to assume he's going to tear someone's head clean off and eat it. Houston, even if he's only at 80-90 percent at this point, adds even more teeth to a pass rush that's been a lot scarier as of late. I don't expect Alex Smith to put up a repeat of his really poor performance against Carolina, and the offense will have a lot more success against a significantly worse defense than what they faced the week prior. -MNChiefsfan

Bucs 17 Chiefs 27

The Chiefs aren't dropping a game at home to a team that has turned it over 15 times this year. Jameis Winston likes to break the pocket and pull a big play out of nowhere a few times a game. Against the Chiefs, that's a turnover, not a big play. Who knows, KC's terrible offense might even get moving at home against a defense that allowed over SIX HUNDRED yards against the Raiders earlier this year. -Clay Wendler

Buccaneers 24 Chiefs 21

I love the Chiefs defense, but I’m stubbornly high on Jameis Winston’s overall potential and I like his ability to potentially pick on the Chiefs secondary. Eric Berry and Marcus Peters had to will the Chiefs to a win last week and those were the sorts of plays that highlight a season. You don’t make plays like that week after week, and I think the Bucs will move the ball a bit easier than most of the team’s opponents this year. -Matt Conner

Bucs 31 Chiefs 35

One thing the Chiefs have proven is that we don't really know what to expect but they tend to find a way to win. I'm going with the trend in an unexpected way this week. The offense will find some rhythm against a subpar defense. Alex Smith will have a big game, bouncing back from last week. The playmakers (Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Spencer Ware, even Chris Conley) will make big pays. But, I think the defense lets up a bit and makes this a shootout. Tampa Bay has some big receiving targets like Carolina did and they'll be able to make some plays against smaller KC corners. The Chiefs have proven the trends wrong by coming from 17 behind twice and beating good QBs. Now they show they are capable of winning because of not in spite of their offense. No time to let up, with division games looming, they need to take care of the lesser team this week. -stagdsp

Bucs 13 Chiefs 27

Business as usual for the Chiefs. The Chiefs take care of the ball and the Bucs turn it over. Alex Smith has a classic 200 yards, one TD day. The defense once again pretty much wins the game single handedly. -Super_G

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