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That time Andy Reid wanted to draft Russell Wilson but the Seahawks did instead

The Kansas City Chiefs have their own history with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Besides being the opponent for his first preseason breakout game a few years ago, the Chiefs also drafted a player - OT Donald Stephenson - one spot ahead of Wilson in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft. I don’t think the Chiefs ever had any actual interest in Wilson (or else they would’ve taken him).

But the current Chiefs coach who was then in Philadelphia did have a big interest in taking Wilson. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media this week and he relayed the story of Andy Reid’s interest in Wilson.

"I don't think (Seahawks GM) John (Schneider) specifically thought the Eagles were any more of a threat than other teams -- I don't know that -- but I know that Andy [Reid] called us right after the pick, though, and gave John some trouble about it," Carroll said during a conference call with Philly media Wednesday. "They're old friends. But we were really sweating it out. We wanted him the whole way, and John had it figured obviously perfectly for us to get it done. There were a couple other teams that called in right after that, too. Andy was the first guy to call, though. We felt very fortunate."

What was Reid's message?

"He was just giving John a hard time for taking his guy. Kind of regular banter that happens during the draft," Carroll responded.

The Eagles made their choice 13 picks later: QB Nick Foles out of Arizona.

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