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Travis Kelce talks Chiefs, Justin Houston, Jamaal Charles on Rich Eisen Show

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Travis Kelce joined the Rich Eisen Show to talk about the Chiefs, Catching Kelce, Justin Houston and more. I highlighted a few quotes below but check out the whole thing in the video.

On whether the players talk about the lack of attention for the Chiefs: “You hear the birds chirping. It is what it is. You see the records across the league, you see the power rankings, I don’t want to say there’s not as much respect but you see the lack of (respect).”

On whether Jamaal will play again this year: “I couldn’t tell you what’s going on with Jamaal.”

On Justin Houston: “Just in practice, he’s a different animal to see run at you in a pass protection type deal. When you sit back and you’re in pass pro and you see this 280 pound - I don’t even know what to call him, he’s a freak of nature.”