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Chiefs don’t want to overlook the Bucs with Broncos game coming up

The Kansas City Chiefs played the defending NFC champions last week and they’ll play the defending AFC and NFL champions next week. Sandwiched in between is the Tampa Bay Bucs. When you frame it like that, this has all the makings of a trap game.

It sounds like the Chiefs might realize that. Derrick Johnson was on Pro Football Talk Live and he was asked about the Chiefs-Broncos game getting flexed to Sunday night in a few weeks. He started in on Denver before turning the topic to Tampa Bay.

“It’s always a joy and a privilege to play on Sunday night,” DJ said, “any type of primetime game. When you get those opportunities, you have to show out and we know that. We’re a very focused team and we have a lot of character guys on this team and we’re going to make sure we don’t put the cart before the horse. We’re definitely going to take care of business with Tampa Bay coming into town, a young team with Jameis Winston, who is a very energized and emotional player who is competitive. To have him come into Arrowhead, hopefully we can shake him up a little bit. “

The Bucs are 4-5 with the 13th ranked offense. They beat the Falcons and Panthers. They took the Raiders to overtime. They’re not a bad team. The Chiefs can’t afford to be overlooking them or any other team not named the Browns at this point.

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