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Mike Florio wonders if Chiefs would be interested in Tony Romo

Some interesting audio that Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison passed along on 610 Sports this week. Danny played a segment from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk who made an appearance on a Chicago radio station talking about Tony Romo’s future and where he will play next season.

I hadn’t really considered the Chiefs for this and I still don’t but here’s what Florio said:

“I think they try to trade him to a team, preferably in the AFC, like the Packers did with Brett Favre in 2008,” Florio said on 670 The Score. “The Jets are a candidate again, I believe. The Broncos are a team we have to take a look at. The Chiefs are a team that I think would potentially be interested. John McClain on the Houston Chronicle, when I started speculating a few weeks ago on Tony Rom’s destination in 2017, he told me there is no chance the Texans would want Tony Romo and they’re tied to Brock Osweiler through next season so I think that’s a big factor. Cardinals, Bears, there are teams out there that have arguably enough pieces in place where Romo can say I can be the difference between a non playoff team and a contender.”

Based on the whole response, it sounds like he was just spitballing and not ranking which teams are most likely. That makes sense because why would the Chiefs be ranked so high? I don’t see it happening personally but I do see why some folks would wonder about this.

The Chiefs can reasonably get out of Alex Smith’s contract after this year. They have no obvious young candidate to step in and replace Alex. They’re a veteran team ready to win now. That’s the setup you need to start thinking that Romo makes sense in KC.

However, Romo is 36 years old. I’m not convinced he’s tradable but if he is the Chiefs would then have to be giving up a draft pick. The biggest factor on the negative side is his health. Coming off a back injury at 36 years old? That would make me nervous as hell.

The ceiling is potentially higher with Romo so that’s why you wonder but with all the other factors I don’t see it.

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