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Chiefs’ Alex Smith says Bucs are a “Jekyll and Hyde” defense

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have kind of a weird stat. They’re the 26th ranked defense in terms of points allowed at nearly 27 points per game. However, they’re a top 10 defense when it comes to forcing turnovers with 15 of them this season.

“They’re a little Jekyll and Hyde on film,” Alex Smith said via quotes from the Chiefs. “They’ve had some games where they’ve played really, really well against some good units, they’ve taken the ball away and shut some teams down. There’s been some other weeks where teams have gotten after them.”

The Bucs are on the right track lately. After a turnover in just one of their first four games, the Bucs defense has forced a turnover in five straight games.

“This team does a great job at taking the ball away,” Alex continued. “It’s certainly one of their strengths that they’re really good up front at getting pressure. They’re experienced on the back end.”

Turnovers are the key to every game, including this one. If the Chiefs can avoid giving the Bucs easy points, they’ll have a really good chance to win.

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