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Andy Reid and Alex Smith try to answer what’s wrong with the Chiefs offense

KC Chiefs’ Andy Reid and Alex Smith were both asked what’s gone wrong with the offense in the past few weeks. The Chiefs have been winning in spite of their offense at times. They talked about injuries, third downs and penalties.

“Yeah, well everybody is kind of back now, but that’s okay,” Reid said Wednesday via quotes from the Chiefs. “Even the guys that came in – there are no excuses for that. I’ve got to do a better job, first, and we have to eliminate some of the penalties. Those will shoot you in the foot in this league. Man, you get one of those and all of a sudden your percentage and long drives end up being terrible. We’ve got to take care of business there, and just tighten it up just a little bit and make sure we’re playing a little bit better football.

“Now, we’ve played a couple good defenses on top of that, so I don’t want to neglect that part. These are good teams, and we have another good one coming here, but we have to take care of our business, which is number one. Take care of our jobs individually, and then, it will work out collectively that you play better.”

Andy Reid pointed out earlier this week the Chiefs putrid production on third down as of late. The penalties are also killer because this offense tanks when put in first or second and 15.

“I felt like we’ve been out of character the last two of weeks,” Alex Smith said. “I think everyone on offense would agree. I feel that way about myself as well. I think we all want to get back to our form and play the way we’re capable of. It’s a lot of things. It’s being better on first and second down. It’s also critical situations like third down and red zone. We need to be better and we haven’t been the last two weeks. Those are difference-makers in games. If you play well on those downs, your chances of winning greatly increase. We need to be better, put ourselves in better situations and when we get there, we need to execute.”

The Chiefs should be better. They had the game where Alex was injured, then the Nick Foles and then last week’s game was the first one with Alex back. If you’re an optimistic person, you’re thinking the Chiefs get back on track against a defense ranked in the bottom third of the NFL.

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