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Eric Berry says he’s playing better this year because of “different’ preparation

Interesting comment from KC Chiefs S Eric Berry speaking to the media on Wednesday. Berry was asked why his play seems to have hit another level this year. He credited an apparently different type of preparation.

“I think my preparation is different, honestly,” Berry said via quotes from the Chiefs. “Not to say I wasn’t preparing as well previously but my eye and looking for certain details and stuff like that and really just trying to master my craft I think that’s starting to pay off.”

Sounds like he’s talking about his mental preparation - studying game tape and tendencies and all that. It’s his seventh year in the league and he’s seen a lot so it was only a matter of time until he tapped into another level. The Chiefs are benefiting from his play this year and Berry will be benefiting from it in free agency next year.

I know we talked about it earlier but after hearing this and hearing Andy Reid talk about the type of leader is, it’s hard to imagine him not being in Kansas City next year.

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