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AHPKC Chiefs Podcast: How bad was Alex Smith?

AHPKC is the official podcast of Arrowhead Pride and can be found here every Wednesday throughout the season

Episode 13 of 2016. All of our prior episodes can be found here.

We kickoff today's show with a recap of the final few minutes of Chiefs and Panthers. What was our living room like down the stretch? What was our reaction to the Marcus Peters play? Has Andy Reid finally figured out this doggone clock thing?

Then we dive into the offense. How bad was Alex Smith? And why might these next seven games be so big for him? Then we take a look at how he's played this season vs. his past seasons as a Kansas City Chief along with some other putrid offensive stats. Which leads to a discussion on where they can improve.

We finish up with the defense. Ohhhh, the defense. Numerous stats on what's made them so good this season. Who had their best day as a Chief? And why was the run defense able to turn it around on Sunday? Why this season rules, jersey swap and we out.

This week's AHPKC Chiefs Podcast...

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