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Bigger surprise for Chiefs this year: Dee Ford or Tyreek Hill?

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a few surprises this year as they do every year. At the top of the list has to be Dee Ford and Tyreek Hill’s performance. I was listening to 610 Sports and Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison were debating which one had been the bigger surprise.

The answer here is Dee Ford. He was probably a candidate to be cut before his contract ends. He was a bust. He wasn’t strong enough. He didn’t have more than his speed rush. He was not very good. A blemish on John Dorsey’s draft sheet.

Now? Dee Ford is probably going to the Pro Bowl. He’s a legit pass rusher. Not a “expectations were low so he’s average now which is good” but a “he’s a very good player wherever your expectations were.”

Tyreek Hill is an interesting answer. Think of how many times we’ve talked about it being hard to play receiver on this team and how Andy Reid makes you learn all the receiver positions. We’ve said so many times not to expect much from rookie receivers under Andy Reid.

Now? The kid from West Alabama looks like a veteran. With Jeremy Maclin out, it wasn’t Chris Conley or Travis Kelce who saw increased attention, it was Tyreek Hill. He 32 catches for 323 yards and four touchdowns. Those aren’t the gaudiest numbers but if you asked me in September about Tyreek’s production I probably would’ve taken the under on those numbers ... and it’s only Week 10.

The answer is Dee Ford but this is actually kinda close. Check out around the 21-minute mark here for Danny and Cdot talking about it.

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