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Chiefs-Broncos just got flexed to Sunday night in two weeks

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Welcome to PRIMETIME! The Kansas City Chiefs have been flexed to primetime for the Denver Broncos game in a couple of weeks. It was originally scheduled for the late afternoon game but now that it’s going to be an appetizing matchup the NFL has made the call to move it to NBC on Sunday night.

The Patriots-Jets game is being moved from Sunday night to the late afternoon slot. Because it was the Patriots and Jets - two huge markets - I did not expect this to happen. From a pure football standpoint, this is the right move.

The Broncos are off next week so this will be at least a 7-3 Broncos team hosting an 8-2 or 7-3 Chiefs team. Here we go!

The Chiefs have not been so good in primetime in recent years so this will be an interesting reaction from fans. Do you like this move? I can’t help but love playing in primetime.