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Chiefs’ Andy Reid on Justin Houston: ‘We’re pretty close here’

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The KC Chiefs are planning on picking up where they left off last week with Justin Houston. There were a lot of people who believed last Sunday’s game in Carolina would be Houston’s season debut yet he didn’t play. You gotta think this is the week, right? Chiefs coach Andy Reid admitted, “We’re pretty close here” with Houston.

“We’ll pick up where we left off last week,” Reid said at Monday’s press conference, “see how he’s doing. If he can get in there and roll, he’ll get in there and roll. If he can’t, he cant. He’s done a good job of keeping open communication ... I know he’s looking forward to getting back in. He upped the workload last week and felt pretty good so we’ll see how it goes this week.”

The Chiefs are at home against the Bucs this weekend then they go on the road to face the Broncos in primetime. This weekend’s game at Arrowhead is the perfect time to bring him back. Let him do it at home in a game where the Chiefs will be solid favorites. He can get some work in before Denver on Sunday Night Football on Thanksgiving weekend.