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Eric Berry talked to Marcus Peters after his punt

As the KC Star’s Sam Mellinger calls it, the full Marcus Peters Experience was on display on Sunday. You see him coming away with an unreal fumble recovery to set the Chiefs up to win the game ... and then you see him punt the ball into the stands for the second straight week.

It was only a five yard penalty and not 15 so that saved the Chiefs. Andy Reid seemed to take a light hearted approach to the punt after the game, although it has to bug him.

The broadcast showed Eric Berry talking to Peters after the punt. What was Berry saying?

“I just told him to be smart,” Berry said after the game. “That was a big play that we made. It was a great play, so clutch, so on time. The punt, luckily it was five yards. It could’ve been 15 yards. It could’ve put us in a bad situation. I want to get him to think further in the moment. I want him to think about the consequences of what happens after that. He did a great job of getting the ball. I was so glad it was a five yard penalty and not a 15-yard penalty because that could have shifted the game even more. We always talk about accountability. It’s not about yourself. He says that to me all the time. We’re out there for each other. Sometimes you have to put yourself to the side and do it for your teammate.”

Read that paragraph and now imagine Eric Berry, who is on the franchise tag, not being here next year.

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