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This Marcus Peters postgame interview is something else

As usual Marcus Peters is one of the big story lines following a Kansas City Chiefs victory. The Chiefs stunned the Panthers coming back from a 17-point deficit to win 20-17. The stunning part came courtesy of Marcus Peters, who ripped the ball out of Kelvin Benjamin’s hands with 20 seconds left in the game. Peters’ fumble and recovery put the Chiefs in field goal range for the win.

As entertaining as that was, Peters’ postgame interview might’ve been better. The Kansas City Star has video of the exchange and I included some highlights below.

On his game-changing fumble being like your Mom not giving you the candy you want

I took it from him. It’s simple. You know how you go to the store and you want something and your mama tells you you can’t have it? I should’ve caught the first pick. I stayed patient. They caught the touchdown on us. Missed opportunity. I should’ve made a play on that ball, too. I took the ball from him. That’s all it was.

(Editor’s note: As Sam Mellinger points out, for this analogy to work then Marcus Peters would be Kelvin Benjamin’s mother)

On his mindset ripping the ball out of Kelvin Benjamin’s hands

That’s my mindset every time. I want the ball back. I want to give the ball back to Alex, Kelce, Tyreek and all those guys.

On how they raised their game on the road against the defending NFC champs

We ain’t worried about nobody else. We are going to play our ball. Sometimes players that play football need to worry about their team and let ya’ll be the media and let us play football because ya’ll are going to report what ya’ll are going to report. We just gotta play defense and team ball together and focus on us, man.

On Eric Berry’s interception return

He was a possessed man. He told us we were going to get a turnover when we went out there. You just seen it how he was moving. He wasn’t gonna stop. He was going to score one way or another.

On whether he was hurt because he came out for a play

I finished playing, didn’t I? There’s a difference between being injured and hurt.

On whether him punting the ball was spur of the moment

Hell no. I wanted to do that. I did it last week. I’m auditioning for second string punter.

On whether he knew it was just a five yard field goal

Yeah I heard it. EB came and talked to me. I’m not going to do it anymore.

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