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Now the Chiefs know how the Broncos felt last year

I hate to say it but after this unreal win by the Kansas City Chiefs over the Carolina Panthers the first thing I thought of was the Broncos game last year. The Chiefs were trying to run out the clock and send the game to overtime when Jamaal Charles inexplicably fumbled. The Broncos recovered and scored a touchdown. It remains to this day one of the most shocking Chiefs losses that I remember.

Fast forward to Sunday. The Chiefs are facing the Panthers and they’re down 17-6. The Chiefs look bad. Like really bad. I was preparing my recap to talk about how bad they looked in the loss. Then Eric Berry made a pick and took it back for six. The Chiefs got it back again and kicked a field goal to tie it. Unbelievable!

Now for the moment most comparable to Denver last year. The Panthers were trying to move the ball up the field with under 30 seconds left and maybe hope for a big play so they can get in field goal range. The one thing they could NOT do is turn it over.

So what happens next? Marcus Peters happens next. Peters yanks the ball from the Panthers receiver with 20 seconds left and recovers it to put the Chiefs in field goal range and eventually the win.

I’m still stunned the Chiefs won. Now I know how the Broncos felt last year.

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