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Chiefs stun Panthers with Eric Berry TD, Marcus Peters fumble recovery

Did I just watch this? Is this real? The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Carolina Panthers 20-17. A statement win in Carolina. They move to 7-2 on the season.

These are your final stats.

The Chiefs did not play well all day long. The defense came through but the offense was not good. There were two huge plays in the game:

Eric Berry picked off a Cam Newton pass and returned it for a touchdown. This made it 17-14 instead of 17-6. Huge play from the Chiefs and it sparked their come back.

Marcus Peters forced and recovered a fumble with 20 seconds left. That put the Chiefs in field goal range to win the game.

Whew. What a game. You win the game you deserve to win the game but it absolutely feels like the Chiefs stole one here.

This is what I was preparing to write about back when I thought the Chiefs were going to lose the game:

  • Chiefs offense sucks
  • Drops were a problem
  • Alex Smith wasn’t very good
  • Panthers are who the Chiefs want to be

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