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NFL picks: Chiefs looking for the upset vs. Panthers

The Arrowhead Pride staff picks for Chiefs-Panthers today. Find picks of all games here.

Chiefs 24 Panthers 23

Why not? -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 10 Panthers 21

Before looking at any of this year’s results, let’s remember this team went 15-1 last year and played in the Super Bowl. Any team fresh from a championship appearance should always be taken very seriously, but a lot of folks have dismissed the Panthers early on this year. Don’t look now but they’ve won two in a row, including a win on the road at Los Angeles last week. The Chiefs are hurting at wide receiver, and without Jeremy Maclin, I doubt their ability to exploit the Panthers’ weakness in the secondary. Meanwhile their stout defensive front should hold up just fine even if Spencer Ware comes back. Plus the dual threat of Cam Newton — I just think Carolina is more talented than some of us give them credit for. I hate to say it, but the Chiefs will be glad they won every game they *should* have won because this third quarter of the season is going to be some rough waters. -Matt Conner

Chiefs 14 Panthers 24

I think facing an elite rushing offense, on the road, a week after the Jags ran all over the Chiefs is bad news for Kansas City. Throw in the fact that Alex Smith is likely to be a little rusty and a lot uncertain in his return, and the Chiefs have a recipe for their first loss in awhile. -Clay Wendler

Chiefs 21 Panthers 24

I've been uneasy about this game for a while. The Panthers live on the deep ball, which is basically the only weakness the Chiefs secondary has displayed so far this season. Additionally, with Jonathan Stewart back and healthy their running game is far more potent than the Jaguars run game that gashed the Chiefs last week. It's easy to look at Carolina's Super Bowl hangover-induced start and write them off, and they aren't as a good a team as they were last year, but they are still a solid team led by a very, very good quarterback. Their front seven won't allow the Chiefs running game to get moving, and I'm not sure the Chiefs will be able to take advantage of a porous secondary the way I'd like. -MNChiefsfan

Chiefs 17 Panthers 14

There is a lot of uneasiness in the world this week and surprise outcomes may be the new norm. This is a game I'd normally assume the Chiefs lose. Carolina isn't a great match up for KC, with their stout front seven, big WRs and mobile, hard to tackle QB. On the other hand, the Chiefs pass rush could be at or near full strength, which puts them near the top of the league in that regard. They've won without Houston thus far, and have been great overcoming injuries. The offense won't be at full potential without JamaalCharles or Jeremy Maclin. With veteran leaders back on each side of the ball, they just might find a way to win. -Stagdsp

Chiefs 30 Panthers 20

The Chiefs have a hard time running the ball and Alex Smith is sacked four times. Regardless, Alex Smith steps up and has a big game while taking care of the ball. Cam Newton throws an interception. Tyreek Hill returns a punt or kickoff for a TD. If the Chiefs win the turnover battle they'll dominate. If they lose the turnover battle kiss first place goodbye for Week 10. -Super_G

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