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Chiefs’ Marcus Peters facing longest interception drought of his career

I was thinking about some of the things the Chiefs will have to do to beat the Panthers and it hit me that we haven’t seen a Marcus Peters interception in a while. I looked it up — it’s been three games since Peters has picked off a pass.

That seemed like a long time for somebody who has 14 interceptions in his first career 26 games. As it turns it out, it is. Peters has gone three games without an interception just one other time in his career - Week 3-5 last year.

Another no-interception game means this would be the longest interception drought in his career. That almost feels like a compliment because it’s a little crazy he’s picked off that many passes.

It’s also not like he’s not doing anything. He’s shutting down half the field. He lead the team in tackles last weekend. He’s still breaking up passes.

There’s a little bit of blind homerism here but put me down for a Peters pick this weekend. He’s due (if there is such a thing).

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