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Chiefs getting some national media recognition

The Kansas City Chiefs have won the quietest 17 games of their last 20 but now people are starting to notice. In yesterday’s Arrowheadlines there were a couple of stories on the Chiefs from the national media and I wanted to highlight those here since folks always think (rightly) that their team doesn’t get enough coverage.

The first one comes from Royals hater Jason La Canfora who writes for CBS Sports. He writes that the Chiefs are the one AFC contender that deserves more respect.

"Coaching is the biggest thing I see with that team," said one scout who has watched the Chiefs closely in recent weeks. "You can see the leadership and direction there. They don't have the best roster and they don't have the flashiest players and they've been playing without their most dynamic players most weeks. They know how to close out games. They don't ask the quarterback to do too much. It's a well-run team and you can see that on Sundays."

Read that whole story at CBS Sports here. Among the highlights are an early prediction of tagging Dontari Poe and noting that Alex Smith’s guaranteed money runs out after this year.

Albert Breer of The MMQB looks at what Andy Reid and John Dorsey have been building here, starting with the 1-5 start last year.

“Everyone’s expecting him to change the whole practice squad out, and have new guys getting the ball and all that,” said punter Dustin Colquitt, who is tied with Johnson for title of longest tenured Chief. “Instead, Andy says, ‘We’re 1-5, we’re not lowering expectations. We’re gonna win with the guys in this room. We were not wrong about the guys in this room.’ I’ve never seen that before from a coach. He was composed, confident, and therefore believable.”

Check out the whole story at The MMQB here. If the Chiefs continue making a run, get ready to read a lot more about last year’s 1-5 start.

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