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Once again, turnovers will be key for Chiefs vs. Panthers

The Kansas City Chiefs have turned the ball over just seven times through eight games while their defense has forced 20 turnovers, which leads the league. Turnovers are one of the most predictive factors in which team wins. Andy Reid in his career is 99-22 when winning the turnover battle and 47-17 when not turning the ball over at all.

I didn’t realize this until I started looking at the stats but the Chiefs haven’t turned it over since the Pittsburgh game. That was October 2, which means the Chiefs have gone more than a month without a turnover. In that span, they have forced 10 turnovers. The Chiefs are on a red hot streak with turnovers right now.

These turnover stats are notable against the Panthers this week because Carolina is not very good at turnovers. The Panthers have turned the ball over 17 times compared to the Chiefs seven times. They have forced just 11 turnovers this season compared to the Chiefs 20. That leaves the Panthers with a turnover differential of minus-six compared to the Chiefs of plus-13.

I’m not surprising anyone saying that turnovers are important. If there was a “Five keys to the game” for every game in the NFL, turnovers would show up on that list. They’re one of the most important stats each game.

On the road against the defending NFC champs, don’t count on them winning without a positive turnover differential. This week, as always, it’s a key to the game.

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