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Chiefs not sure of rotation for Justin Houston, Dee Ford, Tamba Hali

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting Justin Houston back. It’s not clear if he will play this weekend against the Panthers but his return is near as he’s been activated and added to the 53-man roster.

At one point it was believed (by me at least) that when Justin Houston was back 100 percent - back to playing every snap - it would be Dee Ford and Tamba Hali splitting time. Now I’m not so sure. Dee Ford is among the league leaders in sacks. It’s hard to justify taking him off the field for too many snaps.

So now that Houston is back have the Chiefs decided how they’ll rotate him, Ford and Hali?

“No, but I think that’s a good thing,” Andy Reid Wednesday said via quotes from the Chiefs. “That’s a good situation there. (Frank) Zombo’s gotten good snaps too. Dadi (Nicolas), young guy coming up through. He’s gotten some good snaps, so it’s a positive thing.”

Classic Big Red where he doesn’t answer the question. I’m not sure that he knows though. I imagine that they have a few weeks to really decide that. Houston may not play this weekend. His first game back, I wouldn’t bet on him playing 60 snaps. They’ll probably work him back in. He could rotate with Tamba Hali as he works himself back. Ford should be fine holding down the fort because as Andy Reid noted he’s prepared his body for it.

“I think he’s probably gotten stronger since we’ve gotten him,” Reid said. “I think he’s spent a ton of time in that weight room. He’s got himself in shape to where he can do this back-to-back thing. You remember earlier in his career, he would get nicked up here and there. He works his tail off.”

This is weird how football works. A month ago, the pass rush was the biggest thing holding the Chiefs back. Now, it’s looking like a potential strength down the stretch - if Houston comes back as the same old Houston.

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