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Chiefs have second best AFC odds behind the Patriots

The Kansas City Chiefs odds keep on climbing. The Chiefs are now second in the odds to win the AFC, according to Bovada. The Chiefs are behind only the Patriots and just ahead of the Steelers, Broncos and Raiders.

It’s clear that Vegas and the oddsmakers see what we’re seeing here in Kansas City. This team keeps winning. They are very good. The defense travels. You can’t ignore a team that’s won 16 of their last 18 games for too long. These odds are showing what those in Kansas City have thought for a while.

I’m still not confident in the Chiefs ability to beat the Steelers, Broncos or even the Raiders. Can they? Sure they can (and in the case of the Raiders, they have). These teams are all close. New England is the only one that seems a step ahead of everyone else.

This still comes down to homefield advantage in the playoffs. If the Chiefs can get a first round bye and a home playoff game, they have a shot to win. And if they can win that, they can face what would likely be New England - either in Gillette or Arrowhead.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves though. The Chiefs are ‘dogs this weekend in Carolina. That’s where their drive for a first round bye looks to next.

As for the Super Bowl, there are three teams with better odds than the Chiefs: Patriots, Cowboys and Seahawks.

Odds to win the AFC

New England Patriots: 10/11

Kansas City Chiefs: 15/2

Pittsburgh Steelers: 8/1

Denver Broncos: 9/1

Oakland Raiders: 9/1

Indianapolis Colts: 16/1

Baltimore Ravens: 22/1

Houston Texans: 25/1

Cincinnati Bengals: 28/1

San Diego Chargers: 33/1

Miami Dolphins: 50/1

Tennessee Titans: 66/1

Buffalo Bills: 100/1

New York Jets: 150/1

Jacksonville Jaguars: 200/1

Cleveland Browns: Off the Board

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