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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 10/7

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Friday's KC Chiefs news

Catching Kelce recap of episode one | The Kansas City Star

Kara from Kansas told Travis she hoped for "a home-field advantage," while Lauren from Missouri called herself the "biggest Chiefs fan" and left Kelce with this line: "You’re my dad’s favorite player." Both made it past the first round of eliminations.

Chiefs star Travis Kelce's dating show is the 'Bachelor' parody you never knew you needed | Washington Post

Honestly, the show is just as morally questionable as "The Bachelor" or any other reality dating series. In this case, however, it's so absurd that it's pointless for viewers to sigh about how it's contributing to the downfall of TV and/or humanity. Instead, think of it an unintentional, low-budget "Bachelor" parody you never knew you needed -- it's a trainwreck and you can't look away. Here's how "Catching Kelce" uses some of the franchise's tropes:

Chiefs' Travis Kelce is the perfect host for a reality dating series | ESPN

Later, the 20 women join Kelce and other NFL players, including his brother Jason, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, at a party celebrating the five-year, $46 million contract extension Kelce signed with the Chiefs. Kelce wore a red suit with yellow lining. Very Chiefs. Kelce eventually cut the field to 15 women by sending five more home. One of the women who didn’t make the cut was from Kansas and had earlier said Kelce was her dad's favorite player.

NFL Player, Danville Native Comes Home After High School Student’s Death | WRSP

March planned to return home at a later date, but hearing of the death of Danville student D’Nija Parker, he returned early. Parker died Monday night after crashing her vehicle into an unoccupied building. The high school alum said he wanted to come and show his support. He gave motivational speeches at the school Tuesday afternoon.

Steelers Film Room: How the Pittsburgh defense was able to make Chiefs TE Travis Kelce disappear Behind the Steel Curtain

Plays like this were not uncommon Sunday night, and in the end, Kelce wound up with five catches for 23 yards and a garbage-time touchdown. Good for fantasy football players, to be sure, but useless in the context of a game in which the winning point was scored with 5:10 left in the first quarter.