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Alex Smith on pace to shatter career high attempts, Chiefs o-line suffering from it

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The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line has not graded out well through four games. Pro Football Focus graded every offensive line and has the Chiefs ranked 25th. That seems even a little generous considering just one team has given up more sacks than the Chiefs.

Why is the Chiefs o-line not so good this year when we thought they would be? A couple things stand out to me...

Injuries. The Chiefs have started eight offensive linemen. In addition to their Week 1 starters, Zach Fulton, Jordan Devey and Jah Reid have started games at the guard positions. Every team has injuries though and it’s not just the guards that have struggled, PFF writes.

Mitchell Schwartz has been solid at right tackle, though he has been beaten for five sacks already, while Eric Fisher’s rise seems to have topped out at “okay.” The interior has been an issue, with Mitch Morse in particular struggling in the run game, currently ranked as the 31st center in terms of overall grade.

The other thing you can throw out there is that Alex Smith has thrown a LOT more than usual. His 168 attempts through four games this year translates to 672 on the season. 672!!! The most passes he’s thrown in a season is 508 in his first year in Kansas City. That’s a ridiculous pace. I didn’t realize how out of whack that was until I looked at these numbers.

This happens when the Chiefs are losing. Guess what, they haven’t done a lot of losing in the last year. It comes back to starting fast. Don’t get in a hole so you can stay balanced on offense. Get back to that average of about 30 passes per game and I bet you see the Chiefs offensive line improve.