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The Chiefs chances in the rest of the games on their 2016 schedule

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I mentioned earlier in this piece of about the Chiefs playoff chances that 538 also breaks down the odds of the Chiefs winning each game. I thought it would be cool to look at the rest of the Chiefs schedule game by game. The percentages listed below are the Chiefs chances of winning that game according to 538 (not to be confused with the point spread). These are updated every week.

Second quarter

at Raiders (59 percent)

Saints (79 percent)

at Colts (69 percent)

Jaguars (84 percent)

These next four games are when the Chiefs should get back on track. I’m surprised that the Chiefs chances against the Raiders are so high. That game is in Oakland. I’m not sure that percentage passes the eye test for me. I would likely give the Raiders the edge at this point. The bad part of this is that the Chiefs are not good against good quarterbacks. Derek Carr, Drew Brees and Andrew Luck are all pretty good. Their teams are of varying levels - my God how are the Colts so bad? - but none of these are a cakewalk. Except the LOLJags.

Third quarter

at Panthers (43 percent)

Bucs (82 percent)

at Broncos (28 percent)

at Falcons (48 percent)

This is where the schedule takes a sharp turn. The Panthers don’t look as good as we thought they would while the Falcons even it out because they look much better than we thought they would. A Bucs loss would surprise me because that’s at Arrowhead but a loss in any of those other three games would not. I’ll be real curious to see if the Falcons come back to Earth.

Fourth quarter

Raiders (75 percent)

Titans (87 percent)

Broncos (45 percent)

at Chargers (64 percent)

The schedule seemingly eases up at the end but this is still three AFC West games. The Raiders and Broncos games are shaping up to be important ones. The upshot is that three of these are at home.