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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 10/6

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Thursday's KC Chiefs news

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Chiefs’ Jeremy Maclin wants more from himself, looks to mentally ‘regroup’ during bye | The KC Star

When asked Sunday if he's been okay with his individual performance this year, Maclin — who dressed at his locker following the club's embarrassing 43-14 loss to Pittsburgh — shook his head and spoke sharply.

"Not at all," Maclin said. "I think mentally, I just need to regroup. I've had some stuff kind of go on that I need to ... "

Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce quenches dating show personality drought on ‘Catching Kelce’ | USA Today

We know the thought of another hetero white male looking for love might make you want to roll your eyes and change the channel, but the Kansas City Chief has what previous vanilla dating contestants were lacking: personality. Within the first minute of the show’s premiere, Kelce shakes his money maker, does an impressive Michael Jackson impression, and sells a performance of Lonely Girl.

There's Too Much Invested In Chiefs' Offense For It To Sputter | Today's Pigskin

If the offense can’t do more to compensate until Houston comes back, the Broncos will run away with the division again after many picked the Chiefs to win it. Failure to even compete for the West title would represent a step back at a time the Chiefs should be one of the best teams in the league, considering the kind of money they’ve handed to their core talent.

Chiefs' lack of depth at cornerback was exposed in Pittsburgh | ESPN

Even without Russell, it looked like the Chiefs had some depth at corner heading into the season. They felt comfortable moving a couple of cornerbacks, Jamell Fleming and rookie Eric Murray, to safety. Fleming has since been released. They also traded Marcus Cooper, their most experienced cornerback, to the Arizona Cardinals. But they were left with a bunch of young cornerbacks: Gaines, Nelson, White, Marcus Peters and Kenneth Acker. Without a true veteran in the bunch, the Chiefs should have expected the occasional rotten game.