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Chiefs at the quarter mark: 7 winners, 4 losers

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Let’s take a look at the winners and losers of the Kansas City Chiefs through the first quarter of the season...


Chris Conley

The Chiefs clearly made the right choice with him as the No. 2. 15 catches for 172 yards translates to 60 catches for 688 yards on the season. That would be pretty good for Conley. Not only is the production there but he looks like a better receiver. The biggest thing I noticed is that he aggressively goes up to snag the ball out of the air this year. That’s paying off.

Spencer Ware

The fumbles almost got him taken off this list. Three in three weeks is bad. Let’s step back and look at the big picture though. The Chiefs lost their best player in Jamaal Charles and they found a competent replacement. Ware has more receiving yards than Chris Conley. Almost 500 yards combined rushing and receiving through four games. He was a great find.

Cairo Santos

The kick out of bounds stands out as a negative and so does that long missed field goal last week (with a bad snap). Other than that, I’m impressed with Santos’ consistency. A couple years ago I thought he would be a journeyman in the league but he obviously has talent. He’s a good kicker.

Marcus Peters

I won’t go too deep here because we talk about him all the time but four picks says it all. He is a net positive to the team. Additionally, he’s been spotted at local high school games this month. I love that he’s doing more than just something symbolic.

Doug Pederson

The former Chiefs OC is 3-0 with the Eagles. Was it actually Andy Reid holding Doug Pederson back? Whoa, mind blown.

Derrick Johnson

He is still doing it. I mean, I guess I expected him to be playing at this level because he’s been doing it for a long time but he’ll be turning 34 in a few weeks. It looks like the Chiefs made the right decision to re-sign him this year. Where would this defense be without DJ?

Tyreek Hill

The Chiefs are giving him an honest look as a receiver. He looks the part more than De’Anthony Thomas did. It took DAT nine games to reach 13 catches; Tyreek did it in four. He has gradually gotten more and more looks as a receiver. Where he shines is on special teams where he has had two touchdowns called back due to a penalty. They’re saying he’s the fastest player in the league right now.


Andy Reid

Big Red at the top of the list. This isn’t so much about being 2-2. Losing to two playoff-caliber teams on the road isn’t the end of the world. What lands him here is how unprepared the Chiefs have looked at times this year. They are not a team that can play from behind and yet they got behind in three of their first four games. They looked completely unprepared for San Diego and Pittsburgh. This team is a franchise record comeback away from being 1-3. How would that look? Yikes.

Jeremy Maclin

Two things land Maclin here. First, he was developing a chemistry with Alex late last year that doesn’t appear to be spilling over to this year. Maclin has been decent, just not at the level we thought he would be. Second, he has dropped passes this year. Pro Football Focus had him with two drops in the two seasons before that. His catch rate is 54 percent this year compared to 70 last year. This is more about he and Alex not taking that next step together.

Charcandrick West

Last year after Jamaal went down the Chiefs turned to West, who had between 9-22 carries in the final 10 games of the season. This year, he has games of three, six and three carries. He’s not much of a factor on the field. He’s not hurting the team. He just got beat out by Spencer Ware. He is injured, to be fair.

The pass rush

All of them. They’re all in this. If there’s one thing missing from previous Chiefs defenses it’s the pass rush. It’s just not there at all. There are glimpses when the Chiefs might get a sack here or a pressure there but the consistency is not there. Unfortunately, I don’t see this changing until Justin Houston potentially returns sometime in November.

They are who we thought they were

Alex Smith

He is pretty much who we thought he is and what he’s shown to be. His touchdown to interception ratio extends out to 20:8 over the season, which is about right. He’s throwing the ball a lot more than he has in the past because the Chiefs have been playing from behind more. We can pretend that at age 32 we thought he would turn into some gunslinger but if we’re being honest then Alex is who we thought he is. There are negatives and positives to that.

Dee Ford

He is who we thought he is.

Travis Kelce

The Chiefs should give him more looks but 800-something yards for him again this year? That sounds about right. What also sounds right? That the Chiefs aren’t getting him the ball enough.