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The most annoying thing about the Chiefs showed its head on Sunday night

I’ve found the most annoying part of the Kansas City Chiefs.

No, it’s not their abysmal record against good quarterbacks. Not the way they handle parking. Nope it’s not even the playoff winless streak which was once the most annoying thing but is no longer.

The most annoying part of the Chiefs is THROWING SCREENS WHEN YOU’RE DOWN 36 POINTS.

Nothing gets a Chiefs fan’s anger rolling more than the Chiefs being down multiple scores and Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense throwing screen after screen. Absolutely nothing more annoying than that.

It’s annoying because you know it won’t work. It’s annoying because with a guy like Tyreek Hill you for some reason believe this is the play - this one right here! - is going to be the one that breaks him for a 75-yard touchdown. And it’s annoying when that doesn’t work.

If you don’t believe me, believe everyone else who says the same thing.

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