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Chiefs giving Tyreek Hill more and more work

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The Kansas City Chiefs are slowly but surely working Tyreek Hill into the offense more. His targets and catches have increased each week from one target in Week 1 to seven targets Sunday night against the Steelers.

“He’s getting better and better each week,” Chiefs receivers coach David Culley said on Monday. “(Sunday) night, he made a nice play in the end zone for a touchdown, actually a great play. He’s getting better there, and he’s starting to learn the offense. Coach is starting to put him in a little more on some things, and he’s getting comfortable with it and he’s getting better every week.”

The Chiefs favorite formation on offense includes three receivers. Jeremy Maclin and Chris Conley aren’t going anywhere so it comes down to Tyreek Hill or Albert Wilson for that third spot. Wilson has been in the system for a few years now so he has some value but if what the Chiefs are missing is explosiveness then the pick is Tyreek Hill. His ceiling is higher than Albert Wilson’s because of that speed. Cris Collinsworth said on the broadcast Sunday night that some people think he’s the fastest player in the league right now. We hear something like that every week.

If the Chiefs can fully transform him from special teams player to full time receiver - not an easy task as we’ve seen in the past with guys like Dante Hall - then they have a hell of a fifth round pick on their hands. David Culley is a terrific coach so Tyreek’s development will be fun to watch.