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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 10/4

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Tuesday's KC Chiefs news

Kansas City Chiefs head into their bye with plenty to consider | ESPN

"You own this right now," quarterback Alex Smith said. "You wear it, and it stinks. It’s not fun. We have to look at this and look at ourselves in the mirror and move on. At the same time, you can't let it linger. It’s just one game and it’s a long season. It’s early."

Kansas City Chiefs staying patient with Spencer Ware's fumbles for now | ESPN

"You just evaluate: How did it happen? Why did it happen?" Bieniemy said Monday after he had calmed down some. "You look at it and you fix it. At the end of the day, no player, no runner wants to go into a game and fumble. Unfortunately, those things happen, but it's easy to correct.

Six Takeaways from Andy Reid’s Monday Media Availability |

"After looking at the tape, I’ll say what I said last night: It’s my responsibility to have this football team ready to play. I didn’t do that and I take full responsibility for it. When you’re a good football team -- or you’re perceived to be a good football team, you’ve got to learn how to control yourself, play better and not let emotions get the best of you. Our guys busted their tails and tried hard. We’ve got to learn how to control those emotions. It’s fully on my plate and my responsibility to make sure our guys understand that, and they will because that’s the type of locker room we have."

Andy Reid’s Message to the Team Following Sunday’s Loss Was Simple |

"We’re 2-2," Reid explained. "It’s not the end of the world, even though it feels that way. That’s how things are in the National Football League. We’ve got a week to step back, analyze and fix some of these issues."

Chiefs running back Knile Davis left game for concussion evaluation | The KC Star

In other injury news, rookie offensive lineman Parker Ehinger, who was the starter at left guard until he suffered a concussion prior to week two, dressed on Sunday but did not receive any offensive snaps. Third-year pro Zach Fulton got those snaps instead.

Chiefs coaches turn the page on embarrassing 43-14 loss to Steelers | The KC Star

Reid did this by accepting full responsibility for the loss, which is par for the course for him. He's been a head coach in this league for 18 years, and one of the reasons his players play hard for him -€” remember, the Chiefs scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns on Sunday when they were down by 36 points — is because he regularly takes those bullets.

But when Reid said Monday that he needed to have his team better prepared to play, he didn't mean physically; he meant mentally.

Chiefs Blitz: Q&A about Sunday’s 43-14 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers | The KC Star

The offense looks abysmal. There's no other way to put it. The plays aren't working and when they do, the players don't execute them. The offense has been the major disappointment of the season thus far. They looked great in camp, but their miserable start is a good reminder of why you have to be skeptical of what you see until the actual games start.

Pittsburgh Steelers recall last time they beat a team as badly as they did KC Chiefs |

"It's been a long time. You got to remember, I came from Cleveland."

Steelers' big people on defensive line came up large vs. Chiefs |

After a rough start to the season in which the Steelers had just one sack through the first three games -- their fewest to start a season in nearly two decades -- the Steelers broke through against Kansas City. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was sacked four times and hit six times as Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler unleashed a modest blitz, bringing five on occasion while generating constant pressure from his ends and outside linebackers.

Chiefs QB Nick Foles Bought SoCal Home Weeks Before Rams Let Him Go |

NFL quarterback Nick Foles recently closed on a $2.7 million home in Newport Beach, CA, that's perfect for a member of the Los Angeles Rams: It's 15 minutes away from the team's training camp and 45 minutes away from Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The only problem is, Foles doesn't play for the Rams anymore. Two weeks before closing on the house, Foles, 27, was cut loose by the Rams and eventually signed on with the Kansas City Chiefs, raising the question of whether he plans to keep his new home in Southern California.