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Andy Reid shuts down your Chiefs QB controversy talk

You know Andy Reid was going to stand by Alex Smith and that’s what he did on Monday when facing the press. Reid has been doing this for a loooong time so he let reporters have their fun for a few minutes and then he shut down any talk of Nick Foles playing in front of a healthy Alex Smith. Will it work? I guess it depends on how well Foles plays this weekend ... if he plays this weekend since the Chiefs doctors contend Alex actually doesn’t have a concussion.

Check out this exchange between Reid and reporters this afternoon.

Q: You were asked whether you had to cut back the game plan when Foles came in and you said no. Did he allow you to expand the game plan, maybe do some things that you couldn’t do with Smith?

Reid: No. Alex, I’m not sure we realize how good he is. We’ve opened this thing up further than maybe we’ve ever opened it up. He does a tremendous job. It’s a shame he didn’t have a chance to finish off the game plan because he would’ve had a ton of success with it. Not to take anything away from Nick. We didn’t have to cut a thing out for Nick coming in. That was a win-win for both guys. To think one would’ve done better than the other, I don’t believe that. If Alex would’ve been in, we would’ve done the same thing.

Q: You guys his four passes of 30 yards down the field. That’s unusual for you guys. Was that because the way the game was going or because of who was at quarterback?

Reid: I think it was part of the plan. That was all in the game plan. They would’ve been called. They were right on the first 15. They were coming up so whether it was Alex in there or Nick they were coming up. A couple of them formation wise, there was a little confusion on the formation and guys popped open.

Q: Does Foles give you more capability in that area?

Reid: No, I’m not even sure I like the way you’re going with this. Alex can do all the things that need to be done in this offense and do them at a Pro Bowl-caliber level.

Q: Is he your quarterback when he’s healthy then?

/death stare

Reid: Yeah, yeah.

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