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Wait a minute, is Dee Ford good now?

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Kansas City Chiefs left tackle and 2013 No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher was not very good as a rookie. He slowly got a little better each year to the point where he earned a contract extension before this season. It’s hard to break a first impression but Fisher has done that with most of us recognizing that while he may not be No. 1 pick good, he is still a good player.

Is Dee Ford taking the same path? Like Fisher, many of us called him a bust in his first year. A few naysayers dropped off in year two but not many. This year, Ford has taken another step forward. Like Fisher, he’s not the first round pick that we thought would be feared but it’s hard to deny there’s been a step forward.

Ford has seven sacks on the season after a career high 3.5 in Indianapolis on Sunday. His seven sacks are good for fifth in the NFL. He has more sacks than Khalil Mack or any player on Houston’s defense (which doesn’t mean anything but I have to get my shots in when I can). Imagine him ending up with 14 or 15 sacks. We’re not even at the halfway point yet.

Yeah, yeah, you’re going to say it was one big game against a bad offensive line. I got you. That’s not a bad take. We all want to see the same thing: consistency.

We’re also a couple weeks away from Justin Houston coming back which will change the rotation of pass rushers. Ford is making the case for a big role in that rotation when it happens.