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We need to appreciate what the Chiefs did against the Colts

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The Colts are a bad team, Andrew Luck is their only player, the defense sucks ... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Let’s appreciate what just happened here. The Chiefs went on the road with plenty of reasons - acceptable reasons - to lose. They didn’t lose. They thrived. A 16-point win on the road is a blowout. Against a good quarterback. (Why am I writing so many short sentences)

If you asked me the two players the Chiefs couldn’t afford to lose, Alex Smith and Spencer Ware would be in my top five*. The Chiefs lost them both on Sunday. They lost a starting guard. They were already without their two best players of the past three years, Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston. Allen Bailey is done for the year.

But when we flipped the game on, if you took the names off those jerseys, would you notice anyone was missing? The Chiefs played a complete game without key players. This is what good teams do.

Nick Foles balled out and made the words “quarterback controversy” a thing this week. I can’t believe it but I’m not that worried if Alex Smith can’t play next week against the Jaguars.

Zach Fulton the backup has more experience than the injured starting guard he replaced in Parker Ehinger.

Charcandrick West was the only healthy back late in the game and touched the ball or was targeted nine times on the final two drives. He was the definition of Just A Guy (JAG) yet he’s been a key player the past two seasons.

Dee Ford had a career game with three and a half sacks. Sure, the Colts line sucks but three and a half sacks is no joke. Like Eric Fisher, Ford is on a steady incline.

Chris Jones had a sack because he doesn’t know his own strength. Ha. How much fun is this guy? He doesn’t know his own strength.

I’m not saying all of these were championship performances by themselves but losing multiple starters and not skipping a beat in replacing them is what championship teams do.

*The others are Maclin, Kelce and Peters, for those wondering.