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The Colts playing surface sounds like an absolute nightmare

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We’re waking up this morning wondering how it happened again. How the Kansas City Chiefs go into Indianapolis and come away with a litany of injuries. Three years ago it was a number of Chiefs hurt in the playoff game, including Jamaal Charles. We saw that same image this year with Alex Smith’s head popping off the turf like Jamaal’s did.

So what’s the deal here? Is this just bad luck or is the Colts playing surface at Lucas Oil Stadium doing it’s best impression of The Vet?

This quote from Tamba Hali says it all (via Terez Paylor of the KC Star):

“If you hit that ground, sometimes if you hit the ground and your head hits the grass, maybe it gives,” Hali said of a normal surface. “This one, you're hitting concrete. So every time your head hits concrete, you're sure to probably get a little bit of concussion.”

When you’re describing a playing surface and use the word CONCRETE, it’s not a good playing surface! This isn’t just one player saying one thing. The story quotes Eric Berry talking about what’s unique about it.

Something like a playing surface should be uniform across the league. I get that outdoor grass surfaces may have some trouble with that but an indoor stadium should not.