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Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles off to see Dr. James Andrews again

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Uh-oh? I’m not sure what to think of this but the Kansas City Chiefs say that Jamaal Charles is scheduled to visit Dr. James Andrews regarding his knee. This comes after Jamaal was ruled inactive for the Chiefs-Colts game.

This seems ... unusual. At least the timing of it in the midseason. It’s enough to make me a little concerned. Jamaal tore his ACL last year and returned briefly in Week 4 and then played again in Week 6 with 11 touches and then just one carry in Week 7. He was ruled out before this game with some knee issues.

Dr. James Andrews is the guy who seems to do all the big knee injuries around the NFL. He did Justin Houston’s injury too. We’ll see have to wait and see what he says. This is where we normally say the Chiefs always have Spencer Ware to fall back on but Ware is currently dealing with a concussion.