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Get your Alex Smith vs. Nick Foles arguments ready

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The quarterback controversy of 2016 is upon us.

With Alex Smith suffering a concussion and Nick Foles coming in and playing well - 16/22 for 223 yards, two TDs, no INTs - I can tell you how this week is going to go. There’s gonna be a lot of arguing about Alex Smith and Nick Foles.

It’s OK to argue about this. Everyone has strong opinions and believes their way is the right way. The truth is, the way this team is built, both quarterbacks can win a lot of games for the Chiefs. Most teams don’t have a good backup quarterback; it appears the Chiefs do.

What they each offer

The simple analysis here is that Foles stretches the field more often but Alex seems to know the offense better. Foles completed multiple passes over 20-plus yards and just seemed more willing to use the whole field. Foles did however miss a couple of open receivers. Missing Chris Conley in the red zone and Charcandrick West coming out of the backfield were two big plays. It’s excusable though considering he was thrown into the game as a backup.

We’ve seen more of Alex so we’ve seen him have good and bad games but the good Alex puts up similar numbers as Foles today. Alex was 19/22 for 224 yards two weeks ago and 17/24 for 214 yards last week. Not far from Foles’ 16/22 for 223 yards today.

Why Alex Smith

OK, you want to know who I would go with, right? I’m sticking with Alex right now. I believe that’s what the Chiefs will do too. He has a concussion so it’s possible he doesn’t play next week and the Chiefs get another week with Foles. The rest of the year though? Alex is my guy. The Chiefs have been too far with him and he’s played too many games for me to think he can’t do it. We’ve seen him play well.

That said ...

Why Nick Foles

Foles is intriguing. He was flinging is downfield regularly. I admit I caught myself thinking what it would be like with Foles. He was a little rough early but came around. He came off the bench and put up numbers that are what we would consider a good game for Alex, and he did it in basically half the playing time. He is a good quarterback under Andy Reid.